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free, unofficial WW-friendly cookbook

I'm not involved in this project at all and don't profit anything from it, but I have a friend (mentioned in the final paragraph) who has self-published a volume of poetry, and while I was at the site downloading her book, I browsed through the other offerings.

This one caught my eye, and we all stand to profit from it, though not monetarily.

The Knot.com Low-Fat Crockpot Cookbook
134 pages, includes nutrition information and WeightWatcher Points for each recipe.
FREE to download a .pdf file and print for yourself.
USD$7.21 + shipping or postage (your choice) to purchase a printed, bound copy.

"A collection of recipes gathered by members of theknot.com specifically for crock-pot cooking. Recipes range from Albondigas and Alpine Chicken to White Chili and Wiener Bean Pot. Each recipe also includes serving size, calorie, fat, protein, carb and cholesterol count, as well as the Points value for various diet plans. Not to be missed, this cookbook allows busy moms, wives and soon to be Mrs.'s, (as well as the other members of their family) to prepare and serve delicious and healthy meals, quick and easy!"

A WARNING if you're downloading and printing for yourself: if you don't mind a one-sided book, go ahead and print pages 1-134. If you want to print it two-sided, like a published book, you need to monitor the printer so pages don't misfeed, you don't run out of ink, you don't end up with upside-down printed pages, pages that are out of sequence, etc.

I chose to print two-sided, 10 pages at a time. I first printed pages 1-9 (odd pages only), then re-inserted the stack in the correct direction into my printer. I then printed each even numbered page individually (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) to make sure the pages fed into the printer without jamming or taking two pages at a time. ALSO NOTE if you're printing in this fashion, the page numbers don't make sense after the index. The index is numbered 1-6, and the recipe pages start renumbering 1-128 (another reason I chose to print in small batches). If you're a real whiz with Adobe AND your printer, go ahead and do the whole thing at once. I chose the time-intensive route to make sure my book printed out with the pages all in order. It took about 45 minutes to do it that way, but my book is in order and my printer didn't run out of ink on me, leaving me with a confusing mess of paper. Of course, you can always just save the .pdf file without printing it, but that's not terribly handy unless your computer is in the kitchen. If you choose not to print the cookbook, I suggest at least printing the 6-page index for convenience in looking things up, as the index includes WeightWatchers Point values for each recipe..

A tip of the hat to daisydumont for turning me on to Lulu where you can find lots of free or inexpensive downloads, or order printed copies of self-published books. daisydumont has a small volume of poetry there you may enjoy, Vicki and Words.

You can also explore publishing your own works through Lulu.

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