I'm Goin' Down (fatbitz) wrote in gym_phobia,
I'm Goin' Down

google does it again


I saw this mentioned somewhere, not sure if it was in any of the WW communities, but I didn't take the time to look into it until it came in the HungryGirl newsletter last night.

You can use this tool, powered by Google, to map and measure your walking route (for people like me who don't have a fancy pedometer). There is also a calorie-burn calculator that you can turn off or on by clicking a link inside the box on the left side. To learn how to use it (not obvious), look below the box on the left side "Usage Instructions".

I wouldn't use the calorie-burn feature myself, because some days my walk is more leisurely (and how would they know that?), but you could use it to measure your distance and then calculate your activity points based on the data it provides.

You can also make a tinyurl link to the routes you've charted so you can recall the information later, without having to rechart it.

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