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So today I almost passed out at the gym again. That would make the third time since June that I have had to sit down with my head between my knees and drink gatoraid. Apparently my diet... the only thing I have really given up is cokes, and I'm moderating sugar intake....is sorely unbalanced so... I have to actually eat right and at the right times. Today I had cereal and toasted raisan bread with cream cheese at 10:30 am and then a banana and a glass of milk at 1:30 before going to the gym at 2. by 3 I was pale and seeing the black dots invade my vision. BURN. It is so embarassing. And I feel bad for my trainer dude too. One of the other trainers walked by and said "Congratulations Eric, you're the first trainer to make his client pass out today." Gah and he won't let me pay for the gatoraids either. I think this requires a christmas present which might involve a bag of quarters.
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