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Getting Skinny

one work-out at a time

Gym Phobic
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This community is NOT for:

-Insulting fat people
-Anorexics or Bullimics

This community was started for people who have serious weight to lose not only for cosmetic reasons but because they're facing health problems. Also for people who have been generally inactive for most of their lives, and now have to deal with the fact that going to the gym is scary!! There are so many things you don't know starting out and it makes you want to quit. You aren't able to do many things that other people there are doing or you're afraid you're doing something wrong. I want this community to support and encourage on another to excersize and indulge in healthy eating habits ;-).

I really encourage people diagnosed with PCOS, IR or Type 2 diabetes to join as well... its really hard to live with these conditions and its nice to have encouragement from people who know what you are going through.

I do have to approve your membership, but its highly unlikely that I won't. When you are granted magic posting priviledges, please just tell us your name (if you like) age, anything you've been diagnosed with, current weight, goal weight, activities you'd like to participate in, why you hate the gym and what keeps you motivated to go anyway ;-) Thanks! Rock on!